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Analysis of the Lack of Chinese Culture in Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities and Reconstruction

Qingli Meng(Taishan College)


In foreign language teaching, Chinese cultural education is a very important course content. Especially in the context of the current comprehensive implementation of quality education and education reforms, special attention should be paid to infiltrating Chinese culture into foreign language teaching, comprehensively improving students’ own development capabilities, helping colleges and universities cultivate talents and enhancing students’ sense of patriotism. In this regard, this article explores the reasons for the lack of Chinese culture in foreign language teaching in colleges and universities. Analyze the current teaching situation of Chinese culture in foreign language teaching. The corresponding restructuring strategy is put forward, in order to continuously improve the patriotism of foreign language students in colleges and universities, and put forward certain reference opinions for integrating Chinese culture into foreign language teaching.


College foreign language; Chinese culture; Strategy

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