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Research and Practice of Online Teaching Methods in Universities in the Context of COVID-19

Mingfeng Lei(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Chenghua Shi(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Weidong Wang(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Chenjie Gong(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Chaojun Jia(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)


In order to effectively prevent the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia and ensure the orderly development of teaching tasks, colleges and universities have launched online teaching activities. As a new teaching method, how to reasonably carry out teaching design, teaching organization and ensure teaching quality has become a new problem in front of educators. Taking the “Subway” course as an example, this paper summarizes and introduces the online teaching methods and personal experience under the epidemic situation from the aspects of the overall framework design, specific implementation scheme, effect investigation and reflection of the online teaching mode based on MOOC platform, so as to enrich the experience of online teaching activities in colleges and universities during the epidemic period.


COVID-19;E-learning;MOOC;Higher education

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