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Discussion on the Effective Use of Error Resources in Primary School Mathematics Classroom

Qianqian Dai(Xuchang Economic and Technological Development Zone Ruichang Road Primary School)


With the development of the times, most primary and secondary schools have begun to carry out curriculum and teaching reform, in order to furthercultivate students’ ability of inquiry thinking. Mathematics is a relativelyabstract course. With students’ high thinking ability, they are faced withmany problems and challenges. In this process, the teaching mode ofteachers is too traditional. In class, teachers always give endless lectures, sothat students have little time for independent thinking and inquiry learning.At the same time, teachers pay too much attention to the use of “correctresources” in the teaching process, but ignore the use of “wrong resources”and the use of value. The long-term continuation of this teaching modewill reduce the enthusiasm and initiative of primary school students inmathematics learning, and learning is very bad for students. Therefore,teachers should pay attention to the correct use of “wrong resources”, andmake effective use of these resources for classroom teaching, in order toimprove students’ learning enthusiasm and the cultivation of inquiry ability.


Primary school mathematics; Error resources; Utilization; Discussion

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