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Exploration on the Construction of Online and Offline Blending Teaching Mode in the Introduction to Earth Science

Li Xiehui(School of Atmospheric Sciences, Chengdu University of Information Technology)


The course “Introduction to earth science” is a basic general course integrating science and interest run by the School of Atmospheric Sciences in Chengdu University of Information Technology. It is also a public elective course for the cultivation of college students' scientific quality. With the development of Internet plus education and the promotion of information technology, the paper combines the traditional offline teaching mode with the online teaching mode adopted during the spring semester in 2020 because of the COVID-19, giving full play to the advantages of the two teaching modes. According to the school's teaching environment and teaching objectives, the online and offline blending teaching mode is constructed by introducing the recording of course video + MOOC + SPOC+ online resources of high-quality open courses + Flipped Classroom+ Rain Classroom + QQ group + WeChat + Tencent meeting, in order to improve the comprehensive teaching performance, and provide an important reference for the educational reform of similar courses in the post epidemic era.


Online and offline; Blending teaching; Introduction to earth science; Construction of teaching mode

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