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Mode Analysis and Deepening Path of the Collaborative Education between Local Engineering Universities and Enterprises

Zhe Zhao, Dan Song


 At present, China’s local engineering universities have basically formed five modes of collaborative education between Engineering Universities and Enterprises, namely the mode relied on university-enterprise alliance, the mode centered on the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program”, the mode rooted in key disciplines,the mode based on the innovation and entrepreneurship education activities and the mode of carrying out international joint training, etc. However, in the process of university -enterprise collaborative education, there are still some shortcomings such as long-term deficiency, low fit and insufficient system. Therefore, three main ways to deepen the university-enterprise collaborative education are proposed: The first is to improve and implement the local government’s policy guarantee system and incentive measures, fully mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of enterprises to participate in university -enterprise collaborative education; The second is to innovate the long-term operation mechanism of university-enterprise collaborative education, and to open up the last mile of educating and employing people; The third is to innovate the university-enterprise joint university-running mode and build a system of engineering talents that integrates innovation and practical capabilities.


Local engineering universities; University-enterprise collaborative education; Mode; Path

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