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A Brief Discussion on the Comprehensive Budget of Industrial Enterprises

Wang Chaocui(Angang subsidiary enterprise company)


The medium-sized industrial enterprise is the important component of our national economy, its development is fine or not, representing the rise and decline of our national economy, the research focal point of standard lies in what utilizes the west to manage in the theory budgets for the financial administration which strengthens enterprises in The Master Budgeting.

This text introduces relevant contents of master budgeting, analyze the difficult problem met in implementing, and combine enterprise's own characteristics to solve. First of all, this kind of enterprise of our country is a kind of enterprise surviving between grouping enterprise and small business, it indicates, there is this kind of enterprise to the demand for development of big enterprise by own enterprise characteristic. Utilize the budgets of enterprises to manage and strengthen management to the budgets of enterprises, introduce, direct against the question that the characteristic of every enterprise uses enterprise's budget management and should be paid attention to.


The master budgeting; Medium-Sized industrial enterprise; The master budget for and manage

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