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The Impact of the Network Trade Era on the Chinese (Asian) Economy

Han Bing(Rissho University, Osaki Shinagawa-ku)


With the rapid development of the Internet and information technology, network trade has emerged and broken through the traditional trade boundaries in the rapidly developing information technology. Therefore, with the advent of the information age, network trade has had a series of impacts on China’s economy, which has given wings to the take-off of China’s economy, but also made the development of China’s economy face a new environment and new challenges. Based on this, this paper first analyzes the connotation of network trade, and analyzes the impact of the network trade era on China’s economy. Through such a study, it aims to make China better seize the opportunities of the times and meet the challenges of the times in the process of promoting social and economic development, so as to achieve a good and rapid development of the national economy.


Network trade; China’s economy; Impact

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