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Nursing Intervention for Functional Dyspepsia

Fang Fang(The First People’s Hospital of Jinzhong City)


Objective: Clinical effects of nursing interventions for patients with functional dyspepsia to explore and analyze.Methods Our hospital in April 2014 to April 2015 were treated 42 patients with functional dyspepsia will study it as. Method: Using randomly divided into two groups and the control group, 21 cases of patients in each group. Control group with conventional drug treatment, observation group subjected to clinical nursing intervention in conventional drug treatment, based on the two groups of patients with dyspeptic symptoms and improvement of quality of life improvement for comparison. Results: After treatment, the observation group dyspepsia symptom score was significantly lower than the control group, P < 0.05,statistically significant; After treatment, the treatment group's quality of life scores were significantly higher, P < 0.05,with statistical significance. Conclusion: The clinical efficacy of nursing interventions for patients with functional dyspepsia have a positive effect, can significantly improve their symptoms,to achieve improved quality of life.


nursing intervention; functional dyspepsia; efficacy; effect

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