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Research on the Application of Whole-Course Nursing Intervention in the Atomization Treatment of Infant Asthma

Jiahang Liu(Zhongshan Hospital Xiamen University)


To understand the application effect of whole-course nursing intervention in the aerosol treatment of children with asthma. Methods: A sample of 64 children with asthma who received aerosol treatment was selected and randomly divided into a control group and an experimental group, with 32 cases in each group.The control group was given routine nursing care, and the experimental group was intervened with a full-course nursing model on the basis of routine nursing care to observe the clinical efficacy of the two groups of patients.Results: The total effective rate of the experimental group was significantly better than that of the control group, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05).Conclusion: In the aerosol treatment of children with asthma, strengthening the whole course of nursing intervention can help regulate the mental state of patients, improve their treatment compliance, and improve the prognosis of patients. It is worthy of widespread clinical promotion and application.


full nursing intervention; childhood asthma; nebulization treatment

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