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Analysis on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Food Enterprise Management

Chunming Yang


 In recent years, with the progress and development of China's social economy, the living conditions of our people have been significantly improved, which has indirectly led to the development of the food processing industry and has brought tremendous contributions to the national economy. However, in the process of development of food enterprises, there are still problems such as lack of food safety awareness, imperfect management system, and inadequate government supervision, and food safety problems often occur. Based on this, in order to reduce food safety risks and promote the healthy development of the food industry, this paper proposes countermeasures such as optimizing the enterprise supervision and management system, building a sound supervision and management system, improving the level of automated production, and improving employee responsibility and belonging. Through these measures, it is possible to ensure the safe production of food enterprises, provide people with safe food, and promote the sustainable development of China's food enterprises.


Enterprise management; safe production; food safety

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