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2 Vol, 3 No (2018) 1 Abstract
静伟 陈
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) A Brief Discussion on the Comprehensive Budget of Industrial Enterprises Abstract   PDF
Wang Chaocui
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) A Cross-Border E-Commerce Intellectual Property Rights Abstract   PDF
Cai Linjun
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) A Glimpse into a Potential Influencing Factor of China’s Exchange Rate: Social Financing Scale Abstract   PDF
Weihao Li, Zekun Hong
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) A Literature Review of the Influence of Commercial Credit on the Efficiency of Enterprise Capital Allocation Abstract   PDF
Xie Xinxiu, Liu Tinghua, Kou Fengjuan
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) A Probe into the Oriented Management Mode of "Human Resource Return" Abstract   PDF
Shi Fan
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) A Research on E-Commerce Shipping Platform Models In the Context of “Internet Plus Abstract   PDF
Zhai Zikun
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) A Study on the Effectiveness of Chinese Farmers' Participation under the Background of Rural Rejuvenation Abstract   PDF
Yang Quanhai
6 Vol, 2 No (2022) Accelerate Fiscal Transformation, Actively Give Full Play to the Role of Financial Platforms Abstract   PDF
Peng Yu, Zijun Shi, Lin Lv, Xueqing Liu, Xiumao Li
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Adapt to the New Height of Audit Status, and Deepen Audit Reform Abstract   PDF
Mao Zhongjian, Rong Wenlong
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) An Analysis of the Impact of Dual Crises on Hong Kong’s Financial Development Abstract   PDF
Wang Keyi
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) An Analysis of the Value and Strategies of Microblog Marketing Abstract   PDF
Du Junyan
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) An Empirical Analysis of the Annual Report Effect of High Market Capitalization Companies in China Abstract   PDF
Liu Xin, Huang Xi, Su Ganya
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) An Empirical Research of Futures Program Trading Based on RSI And CCI Indicators Abstract   PDF
Li Aiquan, Pan Hui, Shu Weishi, Ke Qi
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) An Empirical Study on the Effects of Social Endowment Insurance Reform in China Abstract   PDF
Cheng Yuhao
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Analysis and Forecast of Urban Economic Vitality in Northeast China Abstract   PDF
Cui Xuan, Zhang Yali, Wei Licai
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Analysis of Fintech Regulation Based on G-SIBs Fintech Index Abstract   PDF
Zhai Yimeng
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Analysis of Influencing Factors Tourists’ Purchase Decision-making Behavior in Kunming Abstract   PDF
Feng Bin, Chen Hua, Li Qinglei, Li Wei
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Analysis of Solvency of A-Share Listed Companies in China’s Real Estate Industry Abstract   PDF
Hu Hongxia, Wang Yuting
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Analysis of the Impact of China’s Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia on Chinese Enterprises’ Performance Abstract   PDF
Zhao Ying
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Analysis on Marketing Strategy of Ningxia Wine Market Based on 4P Perspective Abstract   PDF
Li Daofa
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Analysis on the Efficiency of Anhui’s Industrial Sectors under the Carbon Emission Constraints Abstract   PDF
Li Ying, Li Lei, Na Ming, Zhao Shengjiang
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Analysis on the Efficiency of Technology Innovation of Listed Companies in China's Machinery Manufacturing Industry Abstract   PDF
Ye Ren
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Analysis on the Reform and Innovation of Enterprise Human Resource Management Abstract   PDF
Li Xiangheng, Qi Hong, Guo Lin, Gu Jiaqi, Wang Chongyu, Li Caiyun, Lin Wenzhu
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Analysis on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Food Enterprise Management Abstract   PDF
Yang Chunming
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Analyze China High-Speed Railway Ticket for Spring Transportation from the Perspective of Microeconomics Abstract   PDF
Kou Tianrui
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Application and Exploration of BPR Theory in Hospital Financial Management under Informatization Abstract   PDF
Liu Lu
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Application Research on Big Data in Material Bidding and Procurement Management Abstract   PDF
Zhou Ze
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Building Characteristic Sports Towns Abstract   PDF
Zhu Yuran
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Comparative Analysis of Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong Insurance Products and the Prospect of Insurance Industry Abstract   PDF
Zhang Yujin, Liu Jiongjie, Hou Caiying
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Comparative Study on the "New Silk Road" Strategy between China and the U.S. Abstract   PDF
Chen Jian, Liang Qianying
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Construction of Enterprise Financial Management System Based on Comprehensive Budget Management Abstract   PDF
Cao Yan
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Decision-making under Market Indeterminacy Abstract   PDF
Shi Yun
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Defects of Traditional Marketing Model and New Consumer Experience Requirements in the Context of “New Retail” Abstract   PDF
Zhang Yuejin
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Determinants of Small Business Owner Loan Abstract   PDF
Ma Jiameng
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Discussion on Effective Strategies for Improving Enterprise Operation and Management Abilities Abstract   PDF
Huang Sheng
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Economic Effect of Rural Labor Transfer in China Abstract   PDF
Li Cheng, Zhang Zhixin, Jin Yue
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Empirical Research on the Influence of Export Market Diversification on Total Factor Productivity:Based on the Perspective of Trade Protection Abstract   PDF
Li Shasha, Tian Shuo, Zou Songqi
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Empirical Research on the Influence of Marine High-end Human Resources on Marine Knowledge Innovation——With Organizational Incentive and Technological Innovation as Mediating Variable Abstract   PDF
Zhang Weihong
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Existing Problems and Countermeasures in Financial Securities Market Regulation Abstract   PDF
Chen Changming, Chen Shang
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Exploration of Community Image Construction Based on CIS - Take Taizhou Open University as an Example Abstract   PDF
Wang Kaiyi
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Financial Analysis of MI’s Company Based on Harvard Analysis Framework Abstract   PDF
Guo Jingxian, Yang Yuanxi
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Financing Decisions Analysis of E-commerce Supply Chain Finance for Fresh Agricultural Products in China Abstract   PDF
Xian Ning
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Foreign E-commerce Practitioners in “Taobao Village”: Isolation and Integration Abstract   PDF
Wang Zeyu
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Government Subsidies and Enterprise Innovation: Moderation Effect of Absorbed Slack Abstract   PDF
Na Ren, Cheng Wen
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) How Herding Behavior Affects Our lives Abstract   PDF
Xu Rui
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) How Managers Can Manage Change and Stability to Deliver Better Service to Customers in the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Ji Liang
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) How to Promote Financial Management Level of Public Hospital under the New Medical Reform Abstract   PDF
Liu Lu
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) How to Recognize and Measure Compound Financial Instruments? Abstract   PDF
Wang Yan, He Zhuqian, Yan Shijia
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Impact of Sino-US Trade Agreement on Chinese Legal System about Intellectual Property Rights Abstract   PDF
Liu Ting
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Implications of Fama-French Models and Critical Evaluation of Cost of Equity Approach in Explanation of Variations in Expected Stock Returns Abstract   PDF
Gao Bingjing
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Intangible Property: Protection of Virtual Property in Electronic Games in China and US Abstract   PDF
Wang Hanyue
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Internal Audit Promotes the Path of the Modernization of University Governance Capacity Abstract   PDF
Lingwei Cai
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) International Experience and Enlightenment of the Regularization Development of Stall Economy Abstract   PDF
Chen Mengni
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Investigating the Financial Crisis in 2008 from the Perspective of Banking Systems Abstract   PDF
Zhang Tonglei
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Investor Sentiment and Cross-Sectional Return after Share Issuance: Evidence from Seasonal Equity Offering in China Market Abstract   PDF
Liu Di
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Learning Effect and Productivity Convergence of Chinese Industrial Enterprises Abstract   PDF
Liu Tinghua, Wang Jingru, Liu Xiao
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Marketing Strategy Analysis of the Palace Museum Abstract   PDF
Wang Qi, Liu Huan, Liu Kaiyi
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) New Exploration of Logic Starting Point of Audit Theory Structure Abstract   PDF
Xie Zanchun
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) On Some Legal Problems in Postal Administration Abstract   PDF
Liu Peng
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) On the Transmutation of Media Management Concept under the Trend of Media Fusion Abstract   PDF
Duan Shaoqing
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) On the “Past and Present” of Hong Kong’s Finance Abstract   PDF
Zhou Boya, Wang Zifei
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Operation Efficiency Analysis of Commercial Hull Insurance Business —— Based on DEA Model Abstract   PDF
Wang Daopeng
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Optimization of the Financial Strategy of Bilibili Barrage Website from the Perspective of Social Responsibility Abstract   PDF
Zhao Yifei, Zhao Yicheng
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Overview of the Relationship between Internal Control and Corporate Governance Abstract   PDF
Li Xucui
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Past, Present, and Future: Research on the Influence of International Competition and Collaboration Relationship between US and China Abstract   PDF
Wang Yutao
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Performance Evaluation of Commercial Banks Based on EVA—— Take ICBC for Example Abstract   PDF
Gong Yuhao
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Perspective of the Legal Basis of NPC’s Discussion and Decision-making Power on Major Issues Abstract   PDF
Liao Yuan
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Problems and Countermeasures of Bike-Sharing System in China Based on the theory of Public Goods Abstract   PDF
Ruan Danlin, Pan Liping
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Problems and Countermeasures of Internal Control Management in High-tech Enterprises Abstract   PDF
Zhao Yuhuan
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Regional Dialect Diversity and Corporate Strategic Aggressiveness Abstract   PDF
Xie Bingyuan
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Report of Informal Housing Policy in India Abstract   PDF
Peng Xi
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Research and Overview of Beyond Meat's Disruptive Innovation Abstract   PDF
Zhang Deming
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Research on Government’s Implementing Inclusive Financial Mechanism from the Perspective of Behavior Contract Abstract   PDF
Deng Xinkai
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Research on Influences of Employment in Manufacturing Industry on that in the Service Industry Based on Bayes Model Abstract   PDF
Sun Yue
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on Innovation of Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit’s Rent Mode under Low Oil Price Abstract   PDF
Xue Jinyan, Li Wenwen, Tang Mingjun, Wu Hongjuan, Zhou Bin
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research on Internal Control of JK Restaurant Company Abstract   PDF
Wang Yan'guang
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on inventory pledge Financing Pledge Decision under Internet of Things Technology Abstract   PDF
Xiangxiang Zhang, Gengjun Gao
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on Tax Planning of PPP Projects in China: Based on the Perspective of Digital Economy Abstract   PDF
Jiangyu Huang, Kezhen Liu
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Research on the Causes and Governance of Non-standard Problems of Heterogeneous Agricultural Cooperatives-based on the Reality Observation from X county in Ganzi Prefecture, China Abstract   PDF
Cheng Deng
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Low Carbon Economic Development in Shandong Province Based on the Weighted Gra-topsis Method Abstract   PDF
Teng Xingle, Rong Jian
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Research on the Construction of China-Europe Cross-border E-commerce Ecosphere Based on Blockchain Technology Abstract   PDF
Liu Liang, Jiang Xiaoyu, Wu Jian
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Research on the Development of Jiangsu Textile Industry Based on Input-Output Analysis Method Abstract   PDF
Lu An, Wu Jian, Liu Liang, Zhang Min, Li Shuai
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Research on the Effectiveness of KMV Model in China's Bond Credit Rating Market Abstract   PDF
Sun Jifeng, Sun Tingwei
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Research on the Financial Maturity of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Abstract   PDF
Chen Jingwei, Cheng Chunlin
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on the Future Trend of New Retail and E-commerce Abstract   PDF
Bingxi Li
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Research on the Impact of Aging and New Generation in the Population Structure on China’s Real Estate Price Volatility Abstract   PDF
Zhaocai Cui, Zhixin Zhang, Cheng Li
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Research on the Impact of Consumers’ Purchasing Decision in E-commerce Live-steaming——Based on Cognitive and Perceptive Perspective Abstract   PDF
Xu Qianran, Wu Jiazhen, Yang Menglang, Zhu Hong
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on the Impact of Financial Development on TFP——DEA-Malmquist Index and Hansen Threshold Model Based on Panel Data of Shandong Province, China Abstract   PDF
Wang Fushuai, Xi Ruichao, Cai Wenxia
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on the importance of monetary work to the political development of the Western Hunan and Hubei base areas Abstract   PDF
Jun Wei
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on the Performance Assessment Mechanism of Accurate Poverty Alleviation in Vocational Education Abstract   PDF
Wu Jinmei
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research on the Policies and Means Changes of Macro Regulation and Control of Chinese and Foreign Governments Abstract   PDF
Cai Chengrong
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on the Promotion Mechanism of “Innovation-Capital” Interactive Co-operation——Taking WuXi AppTec As an Example Abstract   PDF
Wang Yan, Liu Jiaan, Yan Ziyu
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Risk Thinking in ISO Quality Management System Abstract   PDF
Zhuang Yingying
6 Vol, 2 No (2022) Start with Consumers’ Interests and Hobbies to Realize Accurate Marketing Abstract   PDF
Ziqi Liu
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Strategic Asset Seeking: A Motivation of Chinese Business Groups' International Operation Abstract   PDF
Hu Chenxi
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Strategies for Chinese Engineering Enterprises in International Publicity from the Perspective of Domesticating Translation——Case Study of CRCC Abstract   PDF
Shu Fang, Huang Shan
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Study on China's Carbon Emission Trading Market Development under the Globalization Abstract   PDF
Chen Jian, Li Maoguan
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Study on Influencing Factors of Subjective Well-being of Workers in Manufacturing Industry Abstract   PDF
Dong Ke
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Study on the Construction Path of Characteristic Small Cities and Towns from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform——Taking Zushan Town as an Example Abstract   PDF
Guo Na
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Study on the Follow-up Measurement of Goodwill of Listed Companies Abstract   PDF
Zhuang Yan, Xiang Youcai
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Study on the Impacts of Japanese Positive List System on the Chinese Frozen Vegetable Exportation Abstract   PDF
Chen Jian, Xi Min, Zhou Ziye
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Study on the Influence of Network Economy on International Economy and Trade Abstract   PDF
Lv Xiaodong
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Study on the Relationship between Entrepreneur’s Spiritual Capital and Employee Creativity Abstract   PDF
Chen Xue, Gu Jianping, David Evan
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Study on the Relationship Between the Audit Committee of Ipo Firms and the First-Day Stock Earnings Abstract   PDF
Zhangying She
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) The Analysis of Asda-Sainsbury’s Merger/Acquisition Abstract   PDF
Zhang Fengyi
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Cause of Auditing Expectation Gap Abstract   PDF
Gao Mengyan
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) The Concrete Analysis of the Change of Import and Export Trade of Chinese Enterprises Is Based on the Perspective of RMB Exchange Rate Abstract   PDF
Gao Chao
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) The Current Situation of the Reform on World Public Pension and Its Enlightenment to China Abstract   PDF
Liu Shuna
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) The End of Western Economic Growth Theory Abstract   PDF
Chen Peixiong
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Fundamental Need of Reform in Company Law in England: Parent Company’s Liability for Debt of Insolvent Subsidiary Abstract   PDF
Yining Long
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) The Impact of Auditor Quality on Audit Quality —— Evidence from China Based on Data from 2014-2016 Abstract   PDF
Chen Yuwei, Fan Cunbin
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Impact of BW Emotional Index on China's A - Share Market Returns Abstract   PDF
Zhang Hongming
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Impact of Cost Information Sharing on Procurement Contract Design Abstract   PDF
Dong Chao, Yankang Chen
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) The Impact of Digital Economy on Total Factor Productivity of China’s Service Industry Abstract   PDF
Liang Chunyan, Chen Zhengyuan
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) The Impact of the Network Trade Era on the Chinese (Asian) Economy Abstract   PDF
Han Bing
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The impact of tourism across the Taiwan Strait on the Taiwanese identity Abstract   PDF
Li Qianqian
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) The Influence of Economic Policy Uncertainty and Habit Formation on Rural Residents’ Consumption Abstract   PDF
Chen Shuyue
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Influence of Internet Economy on High School Students’ Consumption Concept Abstract   PDF
Xiang Anqi
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Possiblilty of Pola to Enter the Kuala Lumpur Market Abstract   PDF
Qin Tian
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) The Research of Walmart Global Expansion Abstract   PDF
Shen Qiwei
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) The Research on the Money Supply of Central Bank Digital Currency Abstract   PDF
Chen Yuxuan, Zhou Kejie, Yang Wenhao
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) The Research on Total Factor Productivity of Soybean in China Abstract   PDF
Chen Yuanchun
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) The Role of Management Accounting in Adding Value to Organisations Abstract   PDF
Tonglei Zhang
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) The Solutions to Invoice Tax Affairs Sharing of Large and Medium-size Enterprises Abstract   PDF
Li Shasha
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Status and Role of Competency Model in Enterprise Human Resource Management Abstract   PDF
Lei Xiaoyu
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Status Quo, Dilemma and Path Innovation of the Citizenization of the New Generation of Migrant Workers Abstract   PDF
Ge Nannan
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Study on the Effects of Agricultural Policies to the Stock Price of Agricultural Companies of China Abstract   PDF
Pan Xilong, Wang Qi, Huang Yinchuan
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) The Ternary Marginal Extension of China’s Free Trade Zone Development Abstract   PDF
Wang Fangfang, Liu Yanru, Liu Juan
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) The UK Non-Frustration Rule: Should it be Replaced with a US-inspired Approach? Abstract   PDF
Ma Huanyang
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Thinking and Practice of Rural Tourism Design in the Context of Experience Economy Abstract   PDF
He Dongping
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Thoughts on the Institutional Innovation from the Large Trading Nation to the Powerful Trading Nation Abstract   PDF
Jin Xi
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Three Methods to Calculate the Financial Risk Measurement: Value-At-Risk and Expected Shortfall Abstract   PDF
Liu Yulin
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Training and Development Strategies for Senior and Middle Level Managers with the Purpose of Learning Organizations Abstract   PDF
Rong Da
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Two Reasons to Demonstrate Why American Beverage and Individualism Investments Should Be Welcomed Abstract   PDF
Tong Yao
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Weather Technology is the Most Important Factor in the Successful Management of Digital Assets in the Broadcast Media Abstract   PDF
Yang Shuyu
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Wuyutai Business Plan Abstract   PDF
Wu Hao
6 Vol, 2 No (2022) Yearning the Moon with Sixpence in Hand: Exploring the Relationship between External Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee Commitment, and Design Thinking Abstract   PDF
Weiwen Cai
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