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Start with Consumers’ Interests and Hobbies to Realize Accurate Marketing

Ziqi Liu(Mahidol University)


Since Weibo entered China in 2007, in just a few years, Weibo has spread and developed at an alarming rate. High-speed communication ability, convenient operation mode, low platform, strong interaction and other advantages have led all walks of life to enter Weibo, and many enterprises and businesses have seen the development prospects in Weibo. In the fierce market competition, in the current chaotic marketing field of Weibo, it is very important for enterprises to find effective marketing schemes to make marketing more targeted and achieve successful sales. The characteristics of accurate marketing positioning can guide enterprises to move forward in the storm of marketing in Weibo. This paper focuses on the description that while precision marketing has become a goal that marketing activities are striving for, on the basis of literature research, it makes an in-depth analysis of various situations that are easy to appear in the current situation of marketing in Weibo, and puts forward precision marketing strategies. Through qualitative and quantitative research, with a large amount of data analysis, the direct relationship between Weibo marketing and precision marketing, such as user interest, brand positioning, event marketing, targeted promotion and opinion leaders, is obtained. On the platform of Weibo, different user groups are subdivided and summarized according to marketing modes and methods, and three types of Weibo operation modes and precise marketing strategies are summarized. Based on Sina Weibo platform, this paper analyzes the effective application of enterprise Weibo precision marketing. On the basis of analyzing the case of precision marketing in Weibo, the marketing strategy is summarized to realize the precision marketing for customers in Weibo. It is hoped that this article can produce certain application value for enterprises under the combination of theoretical integration and practical cases.


Weibo marketing; Accurate marketing; Marketing strategy

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