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Problems and Countermeasures of Internal Control Management in High-tech Enterprises

Yuhuan Zhao(Beijing Language and Culture University)


The wave of the socialist market economy has continually invaded, which has already caused a serious impact on the survival of many enterprises in China at this stage. In order to obtain development, traditional enterprises must follow the trend of the times to carry out their own reform and progress. For many high-tech enterprises, the most important issue is how to achieve internal control management, with rationalization means to gradually promote the corresponding work and economic benefts of enterprises, not only to save time, but also to improve the corresponding work effciency, moreover, it is necessary to be able to promote the establishment of a relatively complete internal control management system in the actual work process of high-tech enterprises, in order to solve and prevent some problems that have emerged or need to be emerged.


High-tech enterprises;Internal control management;Accounting policies;Economic benefits;Sustainable development

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