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Research and Overview of Beyond Meat's Disruptive Innovation

Deming Zhang(Nanyang Technological University)


In the past, meat is considered to be a luxury because of its high price that not everyone can afford, which only enjoyed on special days or festivals. However, it has become a daily necessity for life nowadays with the rapid economic development, an essential ingredient in every staple in the restaurant or home kitchen, and the main source supply for people to increase energy. Besides, as health education launched, "how to eat healthily" has become the most significant difficulty that needs to be solved for every family. There is no doubt that the market has been increasing and the demand for meat has been growing with the population growth all over the world. The market value of processed meat is expected to rise from 714 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to over 1.5 trillion dollars by 2022. Poultry is the most popular kind of processed meat, with a 38 percent share of the global market and red meat, which includes pork and beef, takes up about a 33 percent share. From the official report of the worldwide meat market, the quality and the inflated price of meat have become the most concern of the majority people, who deem it as the primary source of protein and nutrition supply. 


Vegetarianism; Artificial meat; "Vegetable meat"; Beyond Meat; Plant-based meat

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