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Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Low Carbon Economic Development in Shandong Province Based on the Weighted Gra-topsis Method

Teng Xingle(Business School, Shandong University of Technology)
Rong Jian(Business School, Shandong University of Technology)


This paper starts from the analysis of the connotation of low-carbon economy, and establishes the evaluation index system of regional low-carbon economic development level. The main research content is to determine the index weight, judge the correlation degree and sort the decision-making units by entropy method, grey correlation analysis and TOPSIS method, and finally make a comprehensive evaluation of the low-carbon economic development level of Shandong Province. The conclusion shows that the development level of low-carbon economy in Shandong Province shows a good trend year by year, but the consumption dependence on high energy consumption resources and backward ecological benefits are increasingly becoming the bottleneck of the development of low-carbon economy in Shandong Province.


Low carbon economy; Grey correlation analysis; TOPSIS evaluation

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