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Training and Development Strategies for Senior and Middle Level Managers with the Purpose of Learning Organizations

Rong Da(Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy)


In the presence of dynamic organizational environment and a growing supply of ‘knowledgeable employees’ which require more professional managers to address their fast changing and increasing needs, senior and middle level managers are now required to keep up with the dynamic and learning environment more than ever. In order to train senior and middle level managers, the article has recommended four perspectives to encourage the development of learning manager. The first aspect for senior and middle level mangers is to integrate learning talents into their practices. The second point is to encourage managers to provide strong support for individuals and teams to develop a learning organization. The third point encourages learning managers and organizations to be composed into the culture of the organization. The last point advocates for more open and free dissemination of information and knowledge to be allowed within an organization. 


Learning organization; Training and development; Strategies

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