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Study on the Influence of Network Economy on International Economy and Trade

Lv Xiaodong(City College of Huizhou)


Research and development and popularization of the internet and other information technologies have accelerated the development rate of Chinese e-commerce industry while at the same time, bringing forward the arrival of the network economy era. Therefore, a study on the economy and trade model under the network economy era shall be conducted for a higher level of Chinese international economy and trade. In view of this, this paper mainly provides a brief overview of the network economy, and deeply analyzes both the positive and negative impacts of the network economy on the international economy and trade. Thus, on this basis, a deep study on specific ways of optimizing the international economy and trade under the background of the network economy has been carried out to further raise the development level of Chinese international economy and trade with the development guarantee for Chinese national economy.


Network economy; International economy and trade; E-commerce

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