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Analyze China High-Speed Railway Ticket for Spring Transportation from the Perspective of Microeconomics

Kou Tianrui(School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Chemical Technology)


In recent ten years, the rapid development of China high-speed railway is called "China miracle", and it not only provides great convenience for people's daily life trip, but also greatly promotes the economic development. However, the annual spring transportation in the special period is still a great challenge to high-speed railway transportation, and this paper analyzes the high-speed railway ticket for spring transportation from the perspective of microeconomics, and then thinks for the solution.

This paper specifically analyzes the problem that demand exceeds supply for high-speed railway ticket by using the theories of the demand elasticity of supply and demand and the influence of price on supply and demand, monopoly markets. In addition, opportunity cost, incomplete information and other economic principles are used to think about the theoretical reasons for the difficulty of buying tickets during the spring transportation. I have given my understanding for the two problems owned by China spring transportation, and the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions. For example, speed up the development of substitutes and carry out the mechanism of price fluctuation; In the ticket refunding mechanism, this paper boldly conceives the method to relieve the pressure through a reasonable and scientific ticket refunding mechanism. Finally, this paper starts from the source and find the key point to solve the problem of spring transportation in China by breaking the urban-rural dual structure.

Hereafter the final conclusion was drawn: Although there are some problems to cope with the spring transport for the current China high-speed railway, it is believed that in the near future, the difficulty of buying a ticket in spring transportation will no longer hinder the homecoming of wanderers.


China high-speed railway; Spring transportation; Ticket; Supply and demand

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