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The End of Western Economic Growth Theory

Chen Peixiong(Institute of resources, environment and sustainable development)


Economics is a science that studies how the economy grows, so the theory of economic growth is the most important theory of economics. In the real market economy society, people achieve the goal of economic growth through two kinds of economic activities: production and transaction. Then a correct economic growth theory must be one that can explain both production and transaction economic activities. Just like Newton’s law of universal gravitation in physics, it can explain the motion law of all objects. For a long time, we have been dominated by the western economic growth theory of western mainstream economics. It is not difficult to find that it has a fatal defect, which can only explain production economic activities but not transaction economic activities. So it can’t explain the Chinese economy, and it can’t explain the western economy. The new economic growth theory proposed in this paper makes up for the defects of western economic growth theory, and it is the terminator of western economic growth theory. This is a revolution of new economics to traditional western economics.


New economics; Economic growth theory; Utility value; Production and transaction

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