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Research on the Causes and Governance of Non-standard Problems of Heterogeneous Agricultural Cooperatives-based on the Reality Observation from X county in Ganzi Prefecture, China

Cheng Deng(School of Economics and Management, Sichuan Minzu College)


Over the years, the positive effect of the growth of China’s agricultural cooperatives on the development of rural economy is undoubted, but many problems have been exposed in practice, such as the non-standard problems of shell cooperatives. This paper takes 355 cooperatives in a county of Ganzi as an example to study the types and reasons of nonstandard phenomena in the development of heterogeneous cooperatives, and then puts forward the construction of cooperative governance mechanism based on principal-agent relationship; propagandizing the new cooperative law, enhancing the sense of legal system of members and other governance suggestions to promote the healthy and high-quality development of agricultural cooperatives.


Heterogeneity of members; Agricultural cooperatives; Nonstandard problems

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