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Preparation of V2O5 Porous Hollow Spheres and Study on excellent cycling Stability of lithium Battery

Zhang Shimeng, Guan Hongye, Li Dapeng, Zhang Gengxin, Yang Ruijia, Zhao Liang, Sun Haibin, Lu Zhicheng, Wen Jiacai, Dong Yujuan


Through one-step simple polyol-assisted (ethylene glycol) process, V2O5 hollow micro-spheres about 3 micrometres in size were successfully synthesized. The structure is neat, the outer wall were porous. Testing its electrochemical properties with V2O5 hollow
materials as cathode materia of lithium ion battery, the results showed that under the ratio of 1 C, the initial charge and discharge specifc capacity were 236.8 mAh g-1, 213 mAh g-1, even if after 100 cycles, the charge and discharge specifc capacity were still 220 mAh g-1 and 219.7 mAh g-1 respectively. Relative to the charge and discharge capacity of the second cycle, the keep rate were 93.2%, 92.9% respectively, has good cycle stability.


V2O5 porous hollow spheres; Lithium battery; Cycling stability

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