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4 Vol, 1 No (2020) A Method for Measuring LC Resonance Frequency by Impulse Response Abstract   PDF
Mingwei Xu , Jiuxin Gong, Yuechang Shi
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) A Method of Parsing Based on Improving the Electricity Behavior and Regulating Excitation System of the Diesel Generating Set in the Nuclear Power Plant Abstract   PDF
Meng Wang
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) An Optimization Algorithm of Circular Interpolation Aiming at Point-by-Point Comparison Method Abstract   PDF
Xiaochun Shu, Xiaoling Huang, Qianbao Cheng, Yan Li, Liyong Hu
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Analysis and prevention of the causes of the turbocharger leak Abstract
Yang Wu, Dan Yi
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Analysis of a Verifying Method of Consistency Between CT/ PT Polarity and Directional Protective Relaying Abstract   PDF
Meng Wang
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Analysis of Drone Fleet Type and Quantity for Medical Package Distribution in Emergency System Abstract   PDF
Yujie Jiang, Shizhong Ma, Shilong Zhu
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Analysis of Engine Exhaust Pressure Wave Performance Abstract   PDF
Yang Wu, He Ma
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Analysis of the Infuence of Different Plastic Packaging Materials on Product Delamination of IC Components Abstract   PDF
Dongmei Liu, Wenhe Wang, Zhenjiang Pang, Lianhe Ji, Jian Wang, Zhengqiang Yu, Pingping Zheng
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Analysis on the Effective Application of VPN Technology in Hospital Information Construction Abstract   PDF
Hui Jin
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Application of industrial robots in Stamping Automation Production line Abstract   PDF
Qingshan Wang
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Automatic Measurement and Control Design of Sea Wave Energy Storage and Seawater Desalination Device Abstract   PDF
Zhihao Dou, Yimeng Luo, Chunye Li
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Boundary Estimation in Annular Two-Phase Flow using Electrical Impedance Tomography with Particle Swarm Optimization Abstract   PDF
Rongli Wang
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Design and Implementation of Automatic Following Balancing Vehicle Based on UWB Positioning Principle Abstract   PDF
Chenyu Zhang, Fangyi Chen, Zhongyun Kang
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Design and Implementation of Data Management System for Lightning Protection Inspection Based on Android Abstract   PDF
Yinan Xia, Geyi Wen, Fan Zhou, Gang Chen, Peng Wang
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Design and Optimization of Inductive Wireless Power Transmission System Abstract   PDF
Xiaoke Ding
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Design and Realization of Rotating Machinery Conditions Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW Abstract   PDF
Qiyuan Fan
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Design of Automatic cutting and coating collection System Based on Optical Fiber Abstract   PDF
Shengchang Lin, Wujiu Bei, Jirong Sun
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Design of UAV Level Control Method Abstract   PDF
Dexuan Luo, Ruixuan Zhang, Siying Wang, Qun Ding
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Intelligent Mobile Platform for Patent Consulting Service Abstract   PDF
Lidan Ma
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Investigation of the Impact of Calcinations Temperature on the Properties of Ba Doped HfO2 Nano-rods Abstract   PDF
J. Manikantan, H. B. Ramalingam, B. Chandar Shekar
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) LED Driving Power Online Detection System Abstract   PDF
Youjian Lei, Xiaomin Lin
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Nonlinear Resistance Circuit Subsection Linearity Decomposition Fitting Analysis Abstract   PDF
Meng Zhang
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Platinum Silicide-Silicon Schottky Diode Characteristics Abstract   PDF
S. N. Musaeva, E. A. Kerimov, N. F. Kazımov, S. I. Huseynova
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Preparation of V2O5 Porous Hollow Spheres and Study on excellent cycling Stability of lithium Battery Abstract   PDF
Shimeng Zhang, Hongye Guan, Dapeng Li, Gengxin Zhang, Ruijia Yang, Liang Zhao, Haibin Sun, Zhicheng Lu, Jiacai Wen, Yujuan Dong
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Programming Methods for 6-Degree of Freedom Robot Teaching Abstract   PDF
Jinyao Wei, Yuliang Liu
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Promote the Compression Efficiency of Digital Images by Using Improved CUR Matrix Decomposition Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Qinghai Jin
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Research and Development on an Embedded Digital Storage Oscilloscope Based on PXA 270 Abstract   PDF
Pengyun Zhang, Guonan Feng, Zhiqiang He
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Research Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Driven by "Four Wheels" and Combination of Professional Education and Teaching ——Taking the "Specialty of Computer Application Technology in Hunan Applied Technology University" as an Example Abstract   PDF
Runmiao Zhou, Xin Liu
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Research on Auto-Exposure Algorithm Based on Image Big Data and Information Entropy Abstract   PDF
Yunfei Bai
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Research on Distribution Network Automation and Distribution Network Planning Mode Abstract   PDF
Xuan Chen
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research on Fast Transient Pulse Group Suppression Filter Abstract   PDF
Pan Lv
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research on Individualized Teaching in New Building Colleges Abstract   PDF
Min Zhang
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Research on Internet Public Opinion and Social Governance in the Big Data Era Abstract   PDF
Shengliang Wu
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Research on the Relationship between Information Fusion Method and Information Failure Mode in Integrated Navigation System Abstract   PDF
Binzi Han, Baiqing Hu
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Rolling centrifuge repulsion Force Spacecraft Abstract   PDF
Yan Cao
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) RTL Implementation of White Balance Algorithm Based on ZYNQ Abstract   PDF
Jie Zhou, Keyao Li
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Simulated Curved Firing Electromagnetic Gun Abstract   PDF
Jiuxin Gong, Yuechang Shi, Mingwei Xu
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Smart Classroom Design on the Basis of Internet of Things Technology Abstract   PDF
Lei Zhang
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Study on calibration period of Gas Sensor in exercise Pulmonary Function instrument Abstract   PDF   PDF
Jingxia Sun, Aimin Zhang, Guoqiang Gong, Jian Jiang
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Study on Cognitive Optical Network Structure and Self-optimization with the Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology Abstract   PDF
Shengzhe Liang
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Study on Railway Marshalling Scheduling Model and Algorithm of Enterprise Station Abstract   PDF
Jiawei Wen, Gang Lu, Nanshan Xu
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) The Design of Control System for Multi Joint Robot based on PC+DSP Abstract   PDF
Yingxiao Xie, Yuliang Liu, Jianhua Liu, Kunlin Liu, Chaohai Wang
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) The Key Technologies and Influence Factors of the Information Platform Construction for Material Quality Management in Urban Subway Project Abstract   PDF
Hongning He, Yufeng Wu
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Study of Multi-Tenant's Configurability Abstract   PDF
Dong Wang
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Time Prediction Through A Congested Road Section Abstract   PDF
Ziyi Cheng, Ziqi Wei, Xinhao Huang, Ying Li
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Ultra-high Speed and Dual-Channel Data Acquisition Card with 1GSPS Based on PXI Bus Abstract   PDF
Pengyun Zhang, Henan Guo
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