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Study of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Optical Communication: Research Challenges and Current Results

Xinrui Li(Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd)
Dandan Li(Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd)


With the rapid developments of commercial demands, a majority of advanced researches have been investigated for the applications of underwater wireless sensor (WSN) networks. Recently optical communication has been considered for underwater wireless sensor network. An experimental set-up for testing optical communication underwater has been provided and designed in present papers to maximize the energy coupled from these displacements to the transduction mechanism that converts the mechanical energy into electrical. The true case has been considered by measuring diffuse attenuation coefficients in different seas. One stand out potential optical communication method, Visible Light Communication (VLC) has been talked and several communication methods are compared from many points of view, for example attenuation in salt water. The evaluation of modulation techniques for underwater wireless optical communications has been displayed, and further how the data collection and storage with an underwater WSN is introduced. In this paper current researches for an (UWSN) based on optical communication are studied, in particular the potential VLC method and comparisons of VLC with other optical communication approaches. Underwater challenges would be analyzed by comparing a sort of communication methods, applied in underwater. Future work will be developed at last.


Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (UWSN); Visible Light Communication (VLC); ACO – OFDM; DCO – OFDM; Line of Sight (LoS)

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