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Research on Thermal Management Control Strategy of Electric Vehicle Liquid Cooling Battery Pack

Li Zhenhua(Sangdun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.)


Due to the risk of thermal runaway in the charging and discharging process of a soft packed lithium battery pack for electric vehicles, a stamping channel liquid cooling plate cooling system is designed, and then the heat dissipation problem of the battery pack is solved through reasonable thermal management control strategy. Using computational fluid dynamics simulation software star-CCM+, the thermal management control strategy is optimized through simulation technology, and the temperature field distribution of battery pack is obtained. Finally, an experimental platform is built, combined with experiments, the effectiveness of the thermal management control strategy of the cooling system is verified. The results show that when the battery pack is in the environment of 25 ℃, the maximum temperature of the cooling system can be lower than 40 ℃, the maximum temperature difference between all single batteries is within 5 ℃, and the maximum temperature difference between inlet and outlet coolant is 3 ℃, which can meet the heat dissipation requirements of the battery pack and prevent out of control heat generation.


Electric vehicle; Power battery liquid cooling system; Computational fluid dynamics; Analogue simulation

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