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Study on Railway Marshalling Scheduling Model and Algorithm of Enterprise Station

Jiawei Wen(Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
Gang Lu(Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
Nanshan Xu(Beijing University of Chemical Technology)


Railway marshalling transportation is a crucial part of enterprise production supply chain, with the development of national economy, enterprises face more and more pressure on station railway marshalling operation. Realizing enterprise railway dispatching plan automatically by computer, which can improve the level of the station scheduling and transport efficiency, at the same time can reduce the scheduling cost. Based on the basic rules of marshalling and dispatching of railway freight trains at enterprise stations, this paper investigates the site of special railway line at enterprise stations and establishes the space of dispatching state and regulation base according to the actual situation. The information feedback model is designed according to the train information, carriage information and real-time information of the track of the station. Based on the analysis of the railway regulation and the demand of the station, establish the scheduling rule method library. Based on the state space and feedback model of the station, using the scheduling rule method library, this paper designs an enterprise railway automatic marshalling algorithm with a certain universality, and realizes automatic train marshalling and scheduling operation. Considering the economic benefit of the station and the efficiency of the marshalling model, this paper introduces the time cost function and applies the improved greedy algorithm to optimize the automatic marshalling model, realizing the optimal marshalling of railway station in a short time. 


Station railway, Marshalling algorithm, Greedy algorithm, Scheduling rule method library

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