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Design and Implementation of Data Management System for Lightning Protection Inspection Based on Android

Yinan Xia(Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology)
Geyi Wen(Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology)
Fan Zhou(Pingliang Meteorological Administration)
Gang Chen(Zhangqiu Meteorological Administration)
Peng Wang(Jiyang Meteorological Administration)


In order to ensure the safety of buildings, equipment, personnel, property and production, to prevent or mitigate the disasters caused by lightning and static electricity, and to avoid the occurrence of serious lightning accidents, lightning protection inspection (acceptance) is of great significance. At present, in the process of inspection (acceptance) of lightning protection devices, there are following problems: professional and technical equipment for inspection is various and with different performances; the market demand for lightning-proof safety inspection is large, and entrusted units are increasing; the inspection process is difficult to be accurately obtained anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is proposed to adopt technology of mobile application, wireless network transmission and computer software development to design and develop a data management system for lightning protection inspection based on Android, so as to realize the functions like real-time and comprehensive information management of professional lightning-proof inspection devices and entrusted units and establishment of electronic files for lightning-proof inspection of all projects.


Safety inspection for lightning protection devices; Mobile applications; Professional equipment; Information management

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