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A 4-element Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Array

Cao Demou(Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department, Monash University)
Zhang Zhihan(Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department, Monash University)
Kang Kai(Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department, Monash University)
Wang Qiaoyu(Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department, Monash University)


Patch antennas are small in size and suitable for microwave transmission, so they are widely used in small portable wireless devices. Multiple patch antennas are connected together to form an array antenna. Compared with the patch antenna, the array antenna has higher directivity gain and can achieve better transmission performance. In this project, I will test the single patch antenna first, and then move to 21 antenna array. Finally, built a 22 antenna array, test and record their performance respectively.


Antenna gain; Antenna efficiency; Directivity; Return loss;Transmission loss; Far-field; Radiation pattern

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