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Research on the Relationship between Information Fusion Method and Information Failure Mode in Integrated Navigation System

Binzi Han(School of Electrical Engineering, Naval University of Engineering, Wuhan, Hubei)
Baiqing Hu(School of Electrical Engineering, Naval University of Engineering, Wuhan, Hubei)


AbstractOn the basis of the basic principles of weighted fusion, Kalman filtering and BP neural networks, the basic principles of information fusion methods used in integrated navigation systems are expounded. Through the analysis of the basic principles, the association of information fusion methods commonly used in integrated navigation systems and information failure modes is obtained: the information fault mode of weighted fusion method The model is closely related to the specific weight allocation method, which depends on the fault mode of the sensor or sub-system in which the weight is dominant; the information fault mode of the Kalman filtering information fusion method is a continuous mutation fault corresponding to the nonlinear time interval of the system; the information fault mode of the BP neural network method is gradual with time. The information failure mode of the BP neural network method is a slowly varying fault that gradually accumulates over time. Starting from the complexity associated with the information fusion method and the information failure mode, it is pointed out that in order to systematically express the relationship between the information fusion method and the information failure mode, further research can be carried out.


Keywords: Integrated navigation system; Information fusion; Information failure mode

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