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Design of UAV Level Control Method

Dexuan Luo(Zhujiang College, South China Agricultural University)
Ruixuan Zhang(Zhujiang College, South China Agricultural University)
Siying Wang(Zhujiang College, South China Agricultural University)
Qun Ding(Zhujiang College, South China Agricultural University)



Starting from the current problems of drones, this paper aims to find solutions that are suitable for sustainable development. This paper mainly introduces a method of adjusting the control authority of UAV, including managing the process, obtaining the operation of maneuvering performance and controlling the accuracy rate. This method enhances the fault tolerance of UAV flight control, improves the high precision of UAV  flight control, and avoids the occurrence of accidents caused by improper control, such as “drone damage” or “personal injury to others”.


UAV level control;UAV control;UAV;Drone

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