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Research of Paraphrasing for Chinese Complex Sentences Based on Templates

Zhongjian Wang(Guangzhou College of Technology and Business)
Ling Wang(Guangzhou College of Technology and Business)


Based on the paraphrasing of Chinese simple sentences, the complex sentence paraphrasing by using templates are studied. Through the classification of complex sentences, syntactic analysis and structural analysis, the proposed methods construct complex sentence paraphrasing templates that the associated words are as the core. The part of speech tagging is used in the calculation of the similarity between the paraphrasing sentences and the paraphrasing template. The joint complex sentence can be divided into parallel relationship, sequence relationship, selection relationship, progressive relationship, and interpretive relationship’s complex sentences. The subordinate complex sentence can be divided into transition relationship, conditional relationship, hypothesis relationship, causal relationship and objective relationship’s complex sentences. Joint complex sentence and subordinate complex sentence are divided to associated words. By using pretreated sentences, the preliminary experiment is carried out to decide the threshold between the paraphrasing sentence and the template. A small scale paraphrase experiment shows the method is availability, acquire the coverage rate of paraphrasing template 40.20% and the paraphrase correct rate 62.61%.


Complex sentence; Associated word; Paraphrasing template

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