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An Introduction to Distribution-Level Solar Energy

Kang Wenpu(University College London)


Solar energy has been widely used in power generation. With the development of solar energy the distributed photovoltaic power generation and the distributed grid-connected PV systems become the center of attention.

This paper provided with a brief introduction to distribution-level solar energy. Firstly, the development of solar energy was analyzed, and the distributed photovoltaic power generation was discussed. Secondly, the distributed grid-connected PV systems and basic theory of photovoltaic solar channel were analyzed. In order to ensure PV power connected to grid stably and reliably, some related aspects such as the establishment of mathematical model for solar photovoltaic cell, the analyzing of I-V characteristics of solar photovoltaic cell, and the tracking of its maximum power point(MPPT) to control the behaviour of the DC / DC converter were discussed. Finally, a simulation model was necessary to be established by using PSCAD / EMTDC function module to verify and simulate the mathematical model and control strategies, and some suggestions were put forward for the sustainable development of solar energy


Distributed Grid-connected PV Systems,MPPT,DC / DC converter , Solar Energy


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