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Analysis of Drone Fleet Type and Quantity for Medical Package Distribution in Emergency System

Jiang Yujie(School of Economics, North China University of Science and Technology)
Ma Shizhong(College of Electrical Engineering, North China University of Science and Technology)
Zhu Shilong(College of Science, North China University of Science and Technology)


In order to cope with the disasters caused by the worst hurricane in Puerto Rico in 2017, it is necessary to build an emergency system to reduce the losses. An emergency system should include the location of ISO standard dry cargo containers and the distribution of emergency medical packages. This paper discusses the distribution of emergency medical package. Based on the above location results of ISO standard dry cargo container, taking the demand of disaster areas not exceed its supply into consideration and considering the timeliness and weak economy, a multi-objective mixed integer programming model is constructed on the premise of minimum transportation time and cost. It is determined that the drone fleet consists of four B, one C and one F drones. Through the optimization model, the distribution plan of emergency medical packages is formulated.


Emergency response system; Multi-objective mixed integer programming; Drone fleet

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