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The Design of Control System for Multi Joint Robot based on PC+DSP

Yingxiao Xie(Institute of Marine and Mechtronic Engineering, Zhejiang Ocean University)
Yuliang Liu(Institute of Marine and Mechtronic Engineering, Zhejiang Ocean University; Zhoushan Technician College)
Jianhua Liu(Institute of Zhoushan Haida Science and Technology)
Kunlin Liu(Institute of Marine and Mechtronic Engineering, Zhejiang Ocean University)
Chaohai Wang(Institute of Marine and Mechtronic Engineering, Zhejiang Ocean University)


A multi joint robot control system was designed based on the universal processor PC+DSP in order to overcome the shortcomings of the control system in terms of flexibility, cost performance, and software transplantation, which use Industrial Personal Computer for the upper monitor and MAC Motion control card for the lower computer. The design of multi joint robot control system is accomplished through hardware circuit design, VC++ programming and so on. Finally, six joint robot platform is used to test the control performance, The results show that the designed control system has the advantages of flexible function, easy expansion and easy porting of software.


Multi joint robot; Motion control card; Control system

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