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Design and Realization of Rotating Machinery Conditions Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW

Qiyuan Fan(Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, Guangdong)


Abstract: Nonlinear dynamic analysis of rotating machinery system has always been the hot spot of the rotational dynamics research. This article sets up a rotating machinery condition monitoring system to realize the measurement of system dynamic characteristic parameters based on NI(National Instruments) virtual instruments technology. The measurement of vibration signal of rotating machinery system is achieved by using NI company general data acquisition module of NI Company. Meanwhile, by analyzing and processing the acquired data using LabVIEW 2012, the dynamic characteristics, such as .the speed of the rotating machinery system, the axis trajectory, spectrum parameters, are attained. The measurement results show that the rotating machinery condition monitoring system based on LabVIEW is easy to operate, easy to realize the function extension and maintenance, and that it can be used in the industrial engineering projects with rotation characteristics. LabVIEW as the development tools used by virtual instrument function is very powerful data acquisition software products support is one of the features of it, so using LabVIEW programming and data acquisition is simple and convenient.


Rotating machinery; LabVIEW; Virtual instrument; Data acquisition; FSM (Finite State Machine)

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