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Research Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Driven by "Four Wheels" and Combination of Professional Education and Teaching ——Taking the "Specialty of Computer Application Technology in Hunan Applied Technology University" as an Example

Runmiao Zhou(Hunan Applied Technology University, Changde, Hunan)
Xin Liu(Hunan Applied Technology University, Changde, Hunan)


Implementing innovation and entrepreneurship education by combining with professional education in universities and colleges is an important measure to promote higher-quality employment and entrepreneurship of the graduates. The problems existing in the fusing teaching of computer application technology and innovation and entrepreneurship education are analyzed in this paper. By taking Hunan Applied Technology University as an example and in view of the existing problems, the mode of reform driven by
"four wheels", "professional talent training scheme by integrating optimization, innovation and entrepreneurship", "implementing the specifc teaching by integrating innovation, entrepreneurship and professional education", "building many Professional practice platforms and university-enterprise cooperation platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship" and "setting up reasonable management and incentive mechanism for teachers and students" are proposed, to realize the dynamic integration of professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education for the specialty of computer application technology.


"Four-wheel" driving; Fusing teaching; Innovation and entrepreneurship education.

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