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Cross-cultural Education Model for Foreign Students in China Integrating Ideological and Political Education

Ziyu Wang(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Bin Yan(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Liang Yi(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)
Limei Yu(School of Civil Engineering, Central South University)


With the deepening the “One Belt and One Road” construction, the exchanges between China and other countries in the world are increasingly frequent, the number of foreign students in China is rising, and there are cross-cultural adaptability problems of foreign students in China. The education of foreign students in China undertakes the mission of serving the national external development strategy. In order to better serve the “One Belt and One Road” construction, relying on tradition industry advantage of the School of Civil Engineering, Central South University in civil engineering and railway engineering, a set of cross-cultural education model for foreign students in China integrating ideological and political education is explored and practiced in the foreign student education management of the curriculum system, daily management, cross-cultural counseling, social practice and cultural exchanges, which can be summarized as “one goal, two combinations, three approaches, four abilities and five management measures”. This management model can effectively enhance the cross-cultural adaptability of foreign students, cultivate the emotion of knowing and being friendly to China, improve the education quality of foreign students in China, enhance the international education influence of the Central South University, and promote the spread of Chinese culture.


Ideological and political education; Foreign students; Cross-culture; Education model

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