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4 Vol, 1 No (2020) A Comparative Analysis of Sino-Thai College English Course Teaching——A Case of Comparison between Jiujiang University and Chiang Mai University Abstract   PDF
Yu Xiangbo, Wu Yiping
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) A Comparative Study of Differences between Chinese and American Family Educational Approaches Abstract   PDF
Sang Kangru
6 Vol, 2 No (2022) A Comparative Study on Alternative Education in China and Korea Abstract   PDF
Meina Qian, Deming Li
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) A Contrastive Study of Anaphora in English and Chinese Abstract   PDF
Jia Simo
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) A Research Design on Reading Strategies Abstract   PDF
Wang Yanbo
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) A Research on the Application of Case Teaching Method in Curriculum-Based Ideological and Political Education in College English Course under the Concept of OBE Abstract   PDF
Chen Hongmei
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) A Reversed Construction between Deities and Demons: A Case Study of Ne Zha: I’m the Destiny Abstract   PDF
Tang Hai, You Yang, Ma Mengchun
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) A Study of Some Cultural Differences between China and English-Speaking Countries Abstract   PDF
Zhang Yingxin
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) A Study on the Dilemma of Contemporary Teachers' Moral Life Abstract   PDF
Li Zhaojing
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) A Study on the Innovation of U-Education of Party Members from the Perspective of Big Data Abstract   PDF
Li Jinjiang
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) A Study on the Reform and Innovation of English Teaching in Colleges and Universities under the New Media Environment Abstract   PDF
Chen Yan
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) A Systemic Approach to Continuation Writing Abstract   PDF
Lu Yaohuan
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Abstinence Design Abstract   PDF
Wu Qiang
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Aesthetic Characteristics Thinking of Minority Folk Art in Guizhou Abstract   PDF
Hong Ming
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) An Analysis of the Role of Higher Education Opportunity Expansion in Social Stratification Abstract   PDF
Ma Lulu, Zhao Cuilan
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) An Analysis of the Value of Chinese Folk Traditional Culture in Art Design Education in Contemporary Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Lu Bin
7 Vol, 1 No (2023) An Empirical Study on the Differences between Overt Translation and Covert Translation in Legal Text Abstract   PDF
Chunxu Qian
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) An Experimental Study of Flipped Classroom English Teaching Based on Autonomous Learning Theory Abstract   PDF
Yao Min
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) An Exploration into the Application Value of Critical Thinking in Higher Education from the Perspective of Big Data Abstract   PDF
Zhou Zhenhua, Yang Xiaoxia
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Analysis of Communication Strategies in the New Media Age Abstract   PDF
Wang Qi, Liang Meili, Zhao Qi
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Analysis of Dove's Brand Communication Strategy in the Chinese Market Abstract   PDF
Du Junyan
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Analysis of the Importance of Demeanor Training to the Study of Chinese Folk Dance—Taking Uighur Dance as an Example Abstract   PDF
Wang Ziqiao
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Analysis of the Lack of Chinese Culture in Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities and Reconstruction Abstract   PDF
Qingli Meng
8 Vol, 1 No (2024) Analysis of the Spirit of Struggle in the New Era Based on General Secretary Xi Jinping’s New Year’s Greetings in the Past Decade Abstract   PDF
Chengyu Wu
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Analysis on Patriotism Education of College Students Born after 2000 Years Abstract   PDF
Cui Xiaoqin
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Analysis on the Development Path of Contemporary English Teaching in Universities and Colleges Abstract   PDF
Wu Shaojie
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Analysis on the Problems Existing in China's College Classes and Management Strategies Abstract   PDF
Wang Qingzheng, Shen Xiuxiu, Zhang Xinyang, Yang Jiaojiao, Ao Xiang, Li Hui
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Analyzing the Application of Functional Linguistics in Junior Middle School English Teaching Abstract   PDF
Sun Yizhen
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Application of Project-Based Teaching in Practical Teaching of Manual Accounting Simulation Abstract   PDF
Li Jie
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Application of Tai Chi Cultural Semiotic Symbols in Chinese Construction of National Image Abstract   PDF
Zhang Gaofeng
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Application Research on Community Nursing Practice Teaching Combined with Diabetes Health Management Abstract   PDF
Wang Fuan, Wu Kongju
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Art Education and Innovation Ability Training On College Students Abstract   PDF
Peng Wei
6 Vol, 2 No (2022) Chinese Homosexual Males’ Gender Stratification at Gay Bar Abstract   PDF
Zixi Chen
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Compiling Textbook of Elastic-plastic Mechanics for Major of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering Abstract   PDF
Chen Yanfei, Yan Yufeng, Ni Heng, He Mingchang, Wang Zhihao, Wu Zuming
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Connotation and Interpretation of Professional Literacy of Pre-science Teachers in Xinjiang Abstract   PDF
Hai Li, Fei Liu, Yongtang Chen
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Construction and Management of Micro-service Platform of Libraries in Universities and Colleges under the Circumstance of We-media Abstract   PDF
Yu Guojun
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Construction of Evaluation Model of Dynamic Stratified Grade Point of Automobile Electrical System Diagnosis Course Abstract   PDF
Wang Fang, Lu Jingbing, Diao Weiqin
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Coping Strategies of Nigeria Higher Education Institutions during COVID-19 Lockdown Abstract   PDF
Yan Bin, Yusuf Moyi Aliyu
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Critical Thinking and Its Relevant Factors among Undergraduates Abstract   PDF
Hou Yongmei
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Cross-cultural Education Model for Foreign Students in China Integrating Ideological and Political Education Abstract   PDF
Ziyu Wang, Bin Yan, Liang Yi, Limei Yu
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Cultivation of Applied Foreign Language Talents in the Context of Hubei Free Trade Zone Abstract   PDF
Zhang Yun
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Current Situation of International Education for International Students in China Abstract   PDF
Yan Bin, Umar Faruk Aminu, Jamiu Jimoh
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Design Index and Empirical Analysis of the Evaluation Index System for the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Universities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Abstract   PDF
Yang Guoru, Xu Yuenan
7 Vol, 1 No (2023) Discussion on the Effective Use of Error Resources in Primary School Mathematics Classroom Abstract   PDF
Qianqian Dai
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Discussion on the Feasibility of Nudge in Education Abstract   PDF
Liu Hongyang, Kremenkova Lucie
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Discussion on the Improvement of Management Mode of Student Status in Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Li Xiang, Zhang Dan
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Discussion on the Integration of Musical Elements into the Social Practice Teaching of “The Outline of Chinese Modern and Contemporary History” Abstract   PDF
Zhou Yu
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Discussion on the Rudiment, Transformation and Fusion of Opera Music Abstract   PDF
Shi Zhixuan
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Discussion on the Theoretical Guidance and Practical Exploration of the Integrated Development of Aesthetic Education and Moral Education in Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Zhou Yu
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Effects of Presentation- Assimilation- Discussion (PAD) Class Teaching Model on Learning Attitudes of Nursing Students --- Taking the “Nursing Psychology” Course as an Example Abstract   PDF
Liu Zhiping, Yue Menglin
8 Vol, 1 No (2024) Electronic Commerce Security and Risk Management: An Important Part of College Curriculum Abstract   PDF
Yongchang Cai
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Enhancement, Burden Alleviation, Flexibility and Innovation: Some Thoughts on the Preparation of Lower Grades' Chinese Examination Papers in Primary Schools Abstract   PDF
Ding Xia
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Evaluation of College Students' Performance in Specialized Courses in Yanbian University by Variance Abstract   PDF
Xu Run
7 Vol, 1 No (2023) Exploration and Analysis of the Implementation Plan of the Three-whole Education in Xianyang Normal University Abstract   PDF
Songsong Du
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Exploration and Analysis of the Reform Methods of Russian Teaching in Universities and Colleges Based on Flipped Classroom Abstract   PDF
Yan Shufang
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Exploration and Research on English Linguistics Teaching Based on the Perspective of Constructivism Abstract   PDF
Yan Danping
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Exploration and Research on Industry English Teaching Model in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on “Internet +” Abstract   PDF
Yang Tingting
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Exploration and Research on the Cultivation Mode of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Engineering Students in Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Zuo Jing
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Exploration of the Problems Existing in the Training Room of Chinese Jiuzhou Polytechnic Abstract   PDF
Su Qianqian
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Exploration of the Way out for Education Reform Based on the Status Quo of Chinese and Foreign Education Systems Abstract   PDF
Wang Yifan
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Exploration on the Construction of Online and Offline Blending Teaching Mode in the Introduction to Earth Science Abstract   PDF
Li Xiehui
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Exploring the Difficulties and Challenges of the Local Macao English Language Learners towards the Online Synchronous One-on-one English Learning Class Abstract   PDF
Chan Cheng Tak
7 Vol, 2 No (2023) Exploring the Impact of Translanguaging on Chinese-speaking Students’ Academic English Writing: Taking CET-4 as an Example Abstract
Han Ruobing
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) From Class to Market Benign Interaction ---- Explore the Marketing Operation Mode of Class Management of Higher Vocational Students Abstract   PDF
Guan chaoxiong
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) From Cultural Resources to Cultural Capital - Strategies for Brand Development of Tai Chi Health Culture Abstract   PDF
Zhang Gaofeng
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Higher Education in Nigeria: The Development and Problems Abstract   PDF
Hafeez Husain Bello, Bin Yan, Muhammad Moyosore Oladapo
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) How Does Pedagogy Compare between Professional Dance Education and Non-Professional Dance Education Abstract   PDF
Hu Yingying
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) How to Integrate Ideological and Political Education into Mathematics Course of Vocational Education Abstract   PDF
Tian Guijuan
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Ignite the Spark of Wisdom——Thinking on the Cultivation of Elementary Students’ Mathematical Intuition Thinking Ability Abstract   PDF
Shen Jianhua
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Improving the Service Level of University Library by Using Micro-blog and WeChat Abstract   PDF
Zhang Qin
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) In the Future, Learning in the Cloud Will be More Effective than Learning in A Physical University Abstract   PDF
Zhou Jiayu
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Inequality of Rights of Senior Executives, Expected Performance Feedback and Management Effciency Abstract   PDF
Wang Dakai
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Information Privacy, Data Surveillance and Security--How Aus-tralian Privacy Law Fully Plays Its Role in the Age of Big Data Abstract   PDF
Jiexin Zang
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Innovative Thought of Tendering Management Mechanism of Universities and Colleges in China under New Circumstances--Taking North China Electric Power University as an Example Abstract   PDF
Zhou Ze
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Instruction and Learning Styles & Strategies in Second Language Acquisition Abstract   PDF
Gu Jin
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Integration and Optimization of Railway Engineering Laboratory Resources under the Background of "Double First Class" Abstract   PDF
Zeng Zhiping, Zhu Zhihui, Wang Weidong, Lou Ping, Li Wei, Yan Bin
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Intension, Current Implementation and Improvement Path of Instructional Leadership: A school Case of Hong Kong Abstract   PDF
Dai Ling, Zhu Yicai
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) "Internet +" Background E-Commerce Professional Courses and Teaching Content Style Method Reform Abstract   PDF
Gao Meiju
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Introducing a Levy Scheme to Online Educational Use of Copyrighted Works Abstract   PDF
Huang Weijie
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Introduction of Environmental Protection Concept in Textile Major Education Abstract   PDF
Pu Congcong, Gao Boshan, Chen Xinyu
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Investigation and Research on Safety Education in Village Elementary Schools in Counties - With Nanxian County, Hunan as an Example Abstract   PDF
Zhang Yihan
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Is Compulsory School a Heaven or a Hell? Abstract   PDF
Yang Liuyi, Liu Yujie
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Large Storage Tank Structure Design Cases-Based Teaching in Teaching Reform for Major of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering Abstract   PDF
Chen Yanfei, Ni Heng, Zhang Hong, Hou Fuheng
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Location of Self Identity --A Freudian Psycho-Analysis of the Protagonist in I Want to Know Why Abstract   PDF
Gao Jing, Song Wei
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Make WeChat Group Clean and Righteous Through Rectifying and Correcting Abstract   PDF
Zheng Mingxue
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Mode Analysis and Deepening Path of the Collaborative Education between Local Engineering Universities and Enterprises Abstract   PDF
Zhao Zhe, Song Dan
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) National Characteristics and Art Composition Characteristics of Tujia Brocade Art Abstract   PDF
Ming Hong
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) New Features and Trends of Higher Education during the Epidemic Period Abstract   PDF
Yan Bin, Eleojo Victor Joseph, Innocent Amodu Oguche
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Noun GOVERNER/GOVERNESS Collocation Model Analysis——Based on enTenTen Corpus of Sketch Engine Abstract   PDF
Zhang Xingyu
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) On Current Conditions of Higher Education in China Abstract   PDF
Li cun
7 Vol, 2 No (2023) On Promoting Listening Comprehension of English Majors through Original English Movies Abstract
Jun Tan
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) On the Development of Teachers’ Competence in Local Open Universities under the Impact of MOOCs Abstract   PDF
Peng Xiaohua
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) On the Playing Skills of Saxophone "Mallorca" Abstract   PDF
Li Yili
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) On the Prescription Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Abstract   PDF
Xiong Le
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) On the Study of Teacher’s Question Types and Students’ Answers in Primary School English Teaching Abstract   PDF
Yang Ning
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) On the Translation of the Government Work Report —Comparing with the State of the Union address Abstract   PDF
Fan Linlin
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Place and Belonging: How Rural Primary School Principals can Promote Boarders’ Development by Building their Sense of Belonging to School? Abstract   PDF
Cheng Dan
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Portuguese and Chinese Translation Teaching Based on Learners’ Interests Abstract   PDF
Song Wenqiang
8 Vol, 1 No (2024) Practical English Oral Expression and Communication Skills Abstract   PDF
Jiaxin Li
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Practice and Exploration of Online Education and Teaching during the Epidemic Situation——Taking Qingdao Teaching as an Example Abstract   PDF
Zhang Hong, Ma Lulu
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Practice on CSU-CCECC-ABU Cooperation Mode Abstract   PDF
Shakirudeen Olabanji Atolagbe, He Xuhui, Yan Bin
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Practice Research on Standardization of Undergraduate Graduation Design of Tunnel and Underground Engineering Abstract   PDF
Mingfeng Lei, Weidong Wang, Chenghua Shi, Chaojun Jia, Chenjie Gong
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Preliminary Investigation of the Interest Education of Retired college Teachers under Lifelong Education Abstract   PDF
Chang Shanshan
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Problems and Cause Analysis of Classroom Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Abstract   PDF
Wu Xiaohua
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Psychometric Performance of Learning Burnout Scale for Undergraduates (LBSU) in Guangdong Abstract   PDF
Hou Yongmei, Wang Yiyang
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Reform and Construction of Tourism Management Major in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Global Tourism Abstract   PDF
Du Peiming, Fang Falin
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Reform of Paleontology Experiment Teaching for Geology Majors Abstract   PDF
Chu Jianpeng
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Relationship between Teachers’ Leadership and Classroom Climate in Chinese and Japanese Elementary School Abstract   PDF
Mingwen Jin
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research and Practice of Enterprise Management Mode in college classes Abstract   PDF
Zhang chengyu
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Research and Practice of Online Teaching Methods in Universities in the Context of COVID-19 Abstract   PDF
Mingfeng Lei, Chenghua Shi, Weidong Wang, Chenjie Gong, Chaojun Jia
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Research by Online Education for a New Era on the Dependence of Vocational Students on Mobile Phones and Their Loneliness Abstract   PDF
Zhou Weiwei, Han Renfang, Pan Faming
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Research on Application of Self-media Platform in College Enrollment Publicity in the New Period Abstract   PDF
Zhang Dan, Deng Suxia, Li Xiang
7 Vol, 2 No (2023) Research on Coupling Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and Ideological and Political Course to Educate People Abstract
Duan Jia
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Research on Experimental Teaching Reform of Railway Engineering under the Training of International Students Abstract   PDF
Zeng Zhiping, Yan Bin, Victor Jossph Eleojo, Zhu Zhihui, Wang Weidong, Lou Ping, Li Wei
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Research on Government Responsibility for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Minority Areas Abstract   PDF
Lan Leibin
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) Research on Incentive Mechanism and Analysis of the Obstacles in the Application of Low-carbon Logistics Technology Abstract   PDF
Sun Jing
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Research on Railway Engineering Experiment Teaching Principles Based on Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching——Taking the Floating Slab Vibration Damping Track Virtual Experiment as an Example Abstract   PDF
Zhu Zhihui, Zeng Zhiping, Liu Jing, Liu Lili, Xu Lei, Chen Wei, Li Wei, Luo Jianyang, Eleojo Victor Joseph
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research on the Adaptability of Rural Elderly People Moving to Urban Communities Abstract   PDF
Zhang Zhonglei, Jin Yu
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Research on the Concept of Fairness in the Practice of Higher Education Abstract   PDF
An Yalun
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Research on the Construction and Application of College English Mixed Teaching Mode Based on MOOC Abstract   PDF
Li Zhentan
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Research on the Construction of Robot Curriculum Module under the Background of New Engineering Abstract   PDF
Jia Xiaoli, Liu Shuhai, Peng He
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) Research on the Construction of Safety Guarantee System for Police Technical and Tactical Training in Public Security Colleges Abstract   PDF
Zhang Yuehua, Wang Ping
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research on the Construction of the Management Mechanism for Forestry Cadres' Education and Training Abstract   PDF
chen Guoguang
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Research on the Construction Path of Ideological and Political Education for Postgraduates in the Era of Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Liu Ting, Wang Anping
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Research on the General and Professional Integrated Education at universities Under the Background of Engineering Education Accreditation Abstract   PDF
Shaojie Zhao, Daiqiang Deng, Liu Wang
7 Vol, 2 No (2023) Research on the Impact of Core Strength Training on the Motor Skills of Tennis Beginners Abstract
Qin Honglian
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Research on the Linguistic Features of British and American Literary Works from a Cross-cultural Perspective Abstract   PDF
Wang Congpan
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Research on the Optimization of Teaching System of International Economy and Trade Abstract   PDF
Tian Shuo, Zhang Lianggui, Zhang Haiwei
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Research on the Principle of Optimizing Teaching with Digital Animation in Experimental Teaching Abstract   PDF
Ma Xiaolin, Zhou Mengmeng
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Research on the Reading Application of Smart TV Abstract   PDF
Fan Jie, Xie Xin, Lou Yongzhi
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) Research on the Reform of Course Assessment and Evaluation in Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Zhu Zhiwen
7 Vol, 1 No (2023) Research on the Significance and Problems of Heroes in the Textbook Compilation Abstract   PDF
Jiawan Pu
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Research on the Teaching and Learning of Traditional Gold and Silver Color Embroidery Technique for Out-of-school Education -- Taking the Design of Practical Activities of "Inheritance and Innovation of Gold and Silver Color Embroidery" as an Example Abstract   PDF
Zhang Yuwen
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) Research on the Teaching and Reform of Electrodynamics Course Based on Multi Dimension Abstract   PDF
Li Quan
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Research on the Training Model of Electronic Business Professionals in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Modern Apprenticeship Abstract   PDF
Hu Yankun
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Research on the Way to Realize Humanistic Care in College Students’ Ideological and Political Education Abstract   PDF
Wang Li
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) School-Based Research Report -- Investigation and Analysis on Undergraduate General Education of W University in China Abstract   PDF
Feng Huimin, Gan Xiong, Shen Ling, Huang Binbin
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Shadow Education in the Era of the Globalization: Comprehensive Prohibition or Active Encouragement? Abstract   PDF
Hongxia Liu, Di Suo
6 Vol, 2 No (2022) Should Pastoral Care and PSE be Mainly Concerned with the Support of Achievement? Abstract   PDF
Feifei Ren
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Soft Skills Training: A Significant Tool for Future Achievement in Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Shakirudeen Olabanji Atolagbe, Bin Yan
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Some Remarks on the Cultivation of the Craftsmanship Spirit in the Teaching of Practical Writing Abstract   PDF
Wang Huizhen, Zhang Bin, Liu Yaru
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) Some Thoughts about the Construction of Individualized College English Teaching Mode Abstract   PDF
Fanghua Li
2 Vol, 2 No (2018) Strategic Research on Implementation Mechanism of Student Participation in University Decision-Making Under Governance Abstract   PDF
Liu Bowen
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Strategies of Ideological and Political Education Transformation for Vocational College Students in the Internet Micromedia Era Abstract   PDF
Yang Bin
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Study on Social Service Transformation of New Established Undergraduate Institutions in China: Based on Text Analysis on News on Official Website Abstract   PDF
Liu Yanjun
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Study on Teaching Method of BIM Technology in Universities Abstract   PDF
Du Ting
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) Study on the Connection Problems and Countermeasures of the Integration of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Primary and Middle Schools Abstract   PDF
Zhang Hao, Zhang Rui
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Study on the Training Strategy of High Skilled Talents of Spray Coatings for Automobile in Secondary Vocational School——From the Perspective of Made in China 2025 Strategy Abstract   PDF
Lu Songbo
2 Vol, 1 No (2018) Study on the Willingness to Pay the Tourists in the Ecological Environment Protection of Huashan Scenic Spot Abstract   PDF
Peng Wenjing
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) The Application of Curriculum Ideological and Political Cases in the Teaching of Road Survey and Design Abstract   PDF
Aijun Chen, Bai Yang, Xianyuan Tang, Junhua Chen
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) The Application of Historical Materials Teaching Method in High School History Class Abstract   PDF
Han Lu, Ren Yinshuan, Zhang Zhufeng
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) The Application of HTP Projection Test in the Psychological Survey of Tibetan and Han College Students Abstract   PDF
Xu Hua, Liu Qiyu, Yuzhen Deji
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) The Application of Situational Teaching Method in Comprehensive Russian Curriculum Abstract   PDF
Zhu Huiping
8 Vol, 1 No (2024) The Critical Role of Middle Leaders in Schools: Cultivating a Culture of Trust and Supporting Educational Reform Abstract   PDF
Xingyun Fang, Jianli Wang
4 Vol, 1 No (2020) The Development of Overseas Education in the New Era of China Abstract   PDF
Zhang Zhuoyuan, Hou Huaiyin
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) The Dilemma of Scientific Demarcation and Its Possible Approach Abstract   PDF
Lu Wenyan
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Excavation and Practical Significance of Folk Art Education Resources of Ethnic Minorities in Guangxi Abstract   PDF
Bi Zongting
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The First Exploration on Basic Education Reform of University Computer Abstract   PDF
Zhang Meng
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Governmental Responsibility of Relief Measure in the Process of Implementing Anti-Domestic Violence Abstract   PDF
Tian Tingting
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) The Impact of the News Frames on Report of the 2020 Pandemic in China’s National Media Abstract   PDF
Tang Hai, Zhu Zhe, Qi Lihong
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) The Influence of Blending Learning on Undergraduates’ Critical Thinking Disposition: A Quasi Experimental Study Abstract   PDF
Hou Yongmei
5 Vol, 2 No (2021) The Internal Examination of Ideology and Politics Education in Colleges and Universities under the Perspective of Social Subject Research Method Abstract   PDF
Wang Duanxian
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Management System Innovation, Organizational Reform and Organizational culture of colleges and Universities' Adult Trainings Abstract   PDF
Jia Xiaoyan
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Multiple Forms of Teaching Evaluation, Improve Teachers' Teaching Ability Abstract   PDF
Liu Wuyi
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The practice of Presentation-Assimilation-Discussion (PAD) class in the practice and training course of Fundamental of Nursing Science Abstract   PDF
Wang Jihong, Wang Fuan
7 Vol, 2 No (2023) The Role of Mathematics in STEAM Education under the “Double Reduction” Policy Abstract
Wei Wang, Qi Li
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) The Shift in the Direction of Applied an Introduction to Design Course Reform Research Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Ye Zhenyan
2 Vol, 3 No (2018) The Study and Investigation for the Ideals of New Generation Migrant Workers Abstract   PDF
Li Xiaowen, Jia Liyi
5 Vol, 1 No (2021) The Way to Solve the Hong Kong Problem——from the Perspective of Educational Reform Abstract   PDF
Ding Yuqing
4 Vol, 2 No (2020) Thoughts on the Reform of Ideological and Political Teaching of “Tuina Manipulation” Abstract   PDF
Liu Ying, Xie Xiaolei, Zhao Yonghua
3 Vol, 2 No (2019) Toward More Effectiveness of Communicative Behavior: Listening Input Acquisition Abstract   PDF
Hua Rong
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Tradition and Depersonalization --An Interpretation of "Tradition and the Individual Talent" Abstract   PDF
Xie Fenfen
1 Vol, 1 No (2017) Under "Integration of Doing, Learning and Teaching", Research on the Project-Based Teaching Innovation of "Landscape Planning and Design" Abstract   PDF
Du Peiming, Lu Minghua
7 Vol, 1 No (2023) Vocational Education from a Cross-national Perspective: Comparative Analysis of China, Germany, and the United States, with a Case Study of Zhaixing Academy Abstract   PDF
Xiyan Li, Chen Chen, Peishi Wu
8 Vol, 1 No (2024) What does Bourdieu Mean by the ‘Habitus’ and What Implications does This Idea Have for English Language Teaching in China?: Using Bourdieu: Introducing Habitus, Field and Capital Abstract   PDF
Shuxin Wang
6 Vol, 1 No (2022) What Efforts has the Chinese Government Made to Reduce Educational Inequality in Poor Areas? Abstract   PDF
Kuan Lu, Yuqi Fang
3 Vol, 1 No (2019) 提升企业经营管理能力的有效策略探讨 Abstract
Sheng Huang
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