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Research on Incentive Mechanism and Analysis of the Obstacles in the Application of Low-carbon Logistics Technology

Jing Sun


 Low-carbon logistics technology is a modern technology with green environmental protection concept as the core, which can effectively reduce the carbon emissions of all links in logistics activities, and thus achieve the goal of maximizing the use of resources and reducing environmental pollution. With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, the application of low-carbon logistics technology is not only an inevitable choice for adapting to social development and responding to environmental protection slogans, but also an inevitable choice for the logistics industry to achieve sustainable development goals. Based on the brief introduction of low-carbon logistics technology, this paper analyzes the main obstacles of the application of the technology, and proposes corresponding incentive mechanism according to the obstacle factors, aiming at alleviating the resistance in the practical application of low-carbon logistics technology and promoting the realization of low-carbon logistics development.


Low-carbon logistics technology; Obstacles; Incentive mechanism

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