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Evaluation of College Students' Performance in Specialized Courses in Yanbian University by Variance

Run Xu(Department of Metal Materials Engineering, National Gyeongsang University)


The performance of college students' professional courses is an index to evaluate their academic status, so the performance of professional courses has a certain significance.In the process of assigning homework to teachers and taking exams in universities, the performance of specialized courses is regarded as the standard for students to study well.Because students' understanding and follow-up are often assessed on the basis of their usual seriousness and attendance in class, homework and exams, it is necessary to analyze their final grades to assess their actual situation.Test scores were evaluated using variances and covariances.This paper discusses how to evaluate the final achievement from the distribution of achievement.


College students; Results; Assessment; Specialized courses; Postgraduate examination; Cet-6;National Olympic competition; Sports are special

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