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A Comparative Analysis of Sino-Thai College English Course Teaching——A Case of Comparison between Jiujiang University and Chiang Mai University

Xiangbo Yu(School of Foreign Languages, Jiujiang University)
Yiping Wu(School of History and Culture, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University)


English is one of the most common languages in the world, and it has become one of the most important subjects in various countries. The native languages of China and Thailand are not English, and both countries are located in Asia and have many similarities in geographical location and cultural background. The Ministries of Education of the two countries have successively put forward relevant policies to promote the development of English education in the country. The implementation of these policies has promoted the development of college English course teaching in the country. These factors determine that the two countries have similarities in college English course teaching for Non-English majors. However, there are differences in teaching mode and teaching staff in the two countries because of their different national conditions, which make many differences, exist in college English course teaching for non-English majors in the two countries.

During the author’s career as an exchange student in Chiang Mai University, she experienced the difference of college English course teaching for non-English majors in Thai universities, so the author did some researches on the basis of the understanding of English course teaching in Thai universities. Therefore, this thesis takes Sino-Thai college English course teaching for non-English majors as the research object—takes Jiujiang University and Chiang Mai University as example, and analyses their present situation from the aspects of the development and evolution, the teaching mode, and teaching staff of college English course teaching for non-English majors. On this basis, the author make a comparative analysis of the English course teaching for non-English majors in two selected universities, then find their respective advantages and disadvantages, and put forward some suggestions on the development of Sino-Thai college English course teaching.


Comparative analysis; Jiujiang University; Chiang Mai University; college English course teaching for non-English majors

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