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Vocational Education from a Cross-national Perspective: Comparative Analysis of China, Germany, and the United States, with a Case Study of Zhaixing Academy

Xiyan Li(Basis International School Shenzhen)
Peishi Wu(Peking University)


This study delves into the current state and challenges of vocational education through a comparative study of cross-national vocational education and an analysis of the Zhaixing Academy case. The research reveals that vocational education reform can draw on the experiences of the German dual system, American community colleges, and Chinese vocational education reforms, with a focus on informal education pathways, practice-oriented teaching, and flexible training methods. The Zhaixing Academy case demonstrates the application of practice-oriented teaching approaches in the field of vocational education, emphasizing individual student development needs and the advantages of education outside formal institutions, offering new insights and references for the current Chinese education system. The study proposes that governments and education departments should increase investment in vocational education, encourage collaboration between enterprises and vocational education institutions, and support innovative practice-oriented education. In the future, Zhaixing Academy can continue to focus on education reform, expand the realm of practice-oriented education, promote its educational philosophy and methods, and contribute to the diversification and sustainable development of education.


Comparative study;German dual system;American community colleges, Informal education pathways;Practice-oriented teaching;Policy Recommendations

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