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The Internal Examination of Ideology and Politics Education in Colleges and Universities under the Perspective of Social Subject Research Method

Wang Duanxian(College of Civil Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology)


Human is the subject of social and historical development process. The essence of human is the sum of social relations, and the masses are the creators of history. This is the basic content of social subject research methods, and also an important principle that must be followed by the subject category in ideology and politics education in colleges and universities. From the perspective of social subject research methods, the internal examination of the thought and politics education activities in colleges and universities should include three basic dimensions: adhering to examine the ideological and political moral construction activities via communicative practice, adhering to the principle of "all members, whole process and all dimensions (three-all principle)" to examine the "macro ideological and political" education concept, and adhering to the examination of the innovation of the ideology and politics education method system in higher education for the promotion of students’ subjectivity.


University ideology and political education; Social subject research method; Subjectivity; Marxism; Inner-examination

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