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Exploration and Research on English Linguistics Teaching Based on the Perspective of Constructivism

Danping Yan(Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College, China)


In the current education system in China, the English major is an important part of the education system. As the exchanges between China’s and foreign countries have deepened, the importance of English education has become more prominent. Therefore, it is of great signifcance to improve students’ ability to use spoken English. However, as far as the teaching model in China’s current universities and colleges is concerned, there are still many problems, and there is an urgent need for optimization and rectifcation. Based on this, this paper is based on the theory of constructivism, and deeply explores the solution to the problem of the current China’s English linguistics teaching model and hope this paper can provide a meaningful reference for China’s English education. 


English teaching;Constructivism;Teaching exploration and research

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