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Analysis of Dove's Brand Communication Strategy in the Chinese Market

Junyan Du(School of Management, Shandong University of Technology)


DOVE is one of the chocolate brands launched by MARS in China. For more than ten years since DOVE entered the Chinese market, she has continuously adjusted her marketing model to conform to the Chinese market and has become more and more popular with Chinese people. Her unique advertising model and fresh advertising style have formed a deeper brand impression in consumers ’hearts generated by brand loyalty. This article mainly explores DOVE’s brand communication strategy in China from the marketing communication in DOVE ’s overall brand marketing, and studies how DOVE, as a foreign brand, adapts to the local market and gains the first position in the market. DOVE serves as a leader for Chinese chocolate businesses to step out of difficulty and provideshelpful reference experience for China's multinational enterprises to survive in the context of global economy.


DOVE; multinational brand; Advertising; Brand communication strategy

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