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Research on the Linguistic Features of British and American Literary Works from a Cross-cultural Perspective

Congpan Wang(Zhejiang Yuexiu College of Foreign Languages)


British and American literary classics are very rich, and they are the bright pearls in the treasure house of world literature. British and American literary creations are produced under unique regional cultures. Different regional cultures have their own language characteristics and connotations. To understand the work deeply, they must have a deep understanding and understanding of their background culture. British and American literature is an important reflection of British and American culture. By analyzing the language characteristics of British and American literature, we can better understand the development characteristics of British and American culture and strengthen our understanding of the background and connotation of British and American culture. Next, this paper will analyze the linguistic characteristics of British and American literary works from a cross-cultural perspective to strengthen the understanding and cognition of British and American culture.


Cross-cultural perspective; English and American literature; Language characteristics; Interpretation

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