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Research on the Significance and Problems of Heroes in the Textbook Compilation

Jiawan Pu(School of Humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University)


A large number texts depicting heroes have been compiled in the ministry edition of Chinese textbooks in junior high school, such as Deng Jiaxian, a scientist who has ardent love for the motherland and is fearless of difficulties and dangers; Wen Yiduo, a patriot who is devoted to study and has a strong sense of righteousness; Ye Shengtao, a scholar who is noted for his eticulous scholarship and attends to everything personally; Alizer Buffy, an unknown old man who is devoted to tree-planting in obscurity, and so on. The nalysis, understanding and reading of these heroic stories and the interpretation of the significance and value of the selection of heroic images into Chinese textbooks are conducive to grasping the core quality of Chinese courses and improving the teaching of heroic images; inheriting and carrying forward the fine civilization and historical and cultural traditions of mankind, and establishing national cultural self-confidence and pride; perfecting the value system of educators and empowering students to grow healthily; guiding teenagers with immature values to establish healthy and upward values.


Ministry edition;Heroic image;Significance of compilation

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