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An Empirical Study on the Differences between Overt Translation and Covert Translation in Legal Text

Chunxu Qian(Faculty of Law of Ningbo University)


Currently, it is key to convey precise meanings to readers for translators. Observing expressing habits between different languages is the precondition to make target texts more readable. It is crucial to ensure the exactness and seriousness of legal texts, but it does not mean that translators have to take machined way to leave out and even give up transmitting in-deep cultural implications for the intention of achieving the all-inclusive integrity of target content. It is a correct choice for translators to take overt translation and covert translation in line with traits of source language and target language and differences between civil law system and common law system. The intention of the article is to make an empirical study between overt translation and covert translation.


Legal text; Overt translation; Covert translation; Readability; Empirical study

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