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Strategies of Ideological and Political Education Transformation for Vocational College Students in the Internet Micromedia Era

Bin Yang(Ningxia Polytechnic, China)


Due to the continuous development of science and technology, China
has stepped into the stage of rapid development of network information technology. Internet technology products come out in an unending flow, such as tablets and mobile phones, which are representative. In order to meet the needs of economic and social development, “micromedia” has become the mainstream of current social development, including: QQ, WeChat, Tik Tok and Weibo, which have become indispensable platforms for people to get information and communicate with each other in daily life. We have ushered in the “micromedia era”. On the one hand, it has injected new impetus into China’s social economy; on the other hand, it has opened up a new horizon for China’s education. The focus and diffculty of this paper is how to effectively combine the teaching ideas of vocational colleges with “micromedia” and elaborate its transformation strategy and policy.


Micromedia era;Ideological and political education in vocational colleges; Strategy

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