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How to Integrate Ideological and Political Education into Mathematics Course of Vocational Education

Guijuan Tian(Taishan Campus, Shandong Transport Vocational College)


With the increasing enrollment of general higher vocational colleges every year, the inconsistency between the knowledge level and ability of the enrolled students and ideological and political education hinders the realization of the teaching purpose of the school to a great extent. Advanced mathematics is a compulsory basic course for college students and an important subject for realizing the teaching purpose. In order to achieve the teaching purpose and improve the teaching quality and level of mathematics in higher vocational colleges, we must deepen the reform of teaching contents in advanced mathematics courses in colleges, and integrate mathematical knowledge with ideological and political education organically, giving full play to the teaching characteristics of advanced mathematics courses while fulfilling the ideological and political education for students. Moreover, ideological and political education is also combined with interactive advantages by means of interactive teaching. This paper briefly discusses how to integrate advanced mathematics course with ideological and political education. By analyzing the actual teaching cases of ideological and political education and advanced mathematics courses, the content of classroom teaching is discussed.


Advanced mathematics; Curriculum politics; Teaching exploration

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