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Research on the General and Professional Integrated Education at universities Under the Background of Engineering Education Accreditation

Shaojie Zhao(College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics)
Daiqiang Deng(College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics)
Liu Wang(College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics)


Under the background of “Engineering Education Accreditation”, it is of great significance to carry out the general and professional integrated education at universities. This paper discusses the epoch connotation of general education at universities and the necessity of developing general education in the professional courses of the universities. The conceptual characteristics, practice modes and ways of carrying out the general and professional integrated education at universities under the background of Engineering Education Accreditation are discussed. Finally, an example is given to verify the feasibility and implementation effect of carrying out general education in professional courses of university, so as to provide references for the development of the general and professional integrated education at universities in the new era.


General and professional integrated education; Model; General education; Engineering Education Accreditation; Connotation

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